This is May part 2 (16-31)

Date: 5/28

Wall excavated while building the station that's right by the STaten Island Ferry terminal. It's very cool, I touched it.

Instead of taking a Statue of Libery pic, I took a really blurry light house pic, foreshadowing what was to come.

oh and whatever tf that is

After I got off the boat I decided that I should check out the national light house museum bc a student ticket is $5. Here, after getting lost like 3 times, i walked through the old light house buildings to get there.

The National Lighthouse Museum had lots of fun stuff, like this toilet paper holder and other Stuff.

saw this too

One of the volenteers at the museum collected fire and police patches that had light houses from all over the country and also hong kong.

This one has the twin light houses on it, I would kill for the patch so if you own it be warned.

weird dog, they had quite a few of tehse can I please have one


Empty car on the Staten Island rail, going to see if I can see Aakawaxung Munahanung (Island Protected from the Wind)

Named for the calvanist french people who lived in the New Netherladns with the dutch!

Weird fake(?) deer in a well at someones house, weird!!!

Love stylized christ and such, surprising art to see on my walk.


views from the park

It was very nice, I liked this park a lot

I want to come pack here on a day I'm wearing pants and also hadn't gone for a run that morning but i loved what I saw

The water bc I'm all the way at the end of the island!!!



Looking up "to make" in japanese bc i'm trying to start journalling again in japanesebut i forgot some of the words i knew i should know. Not my favorite feeling. Despite that, good to keep up good work!

Domo arigato mr. roboto at lucy's house

Too many whiteclaws and I end up walking with Eli from his house to prospect park in the fog. And then we walked back!


Do you see it? There's a BABY GOOSE!!!! There were a bunch but they were under the pier so only one has their tiny head in frame!

Here are all these baby geese!

And there they go...

After I took this picture, it started to rain. I took cover at Pier 2 and read my book. AFter a while, a strong fog rolled in. I watched the Statue of Liberty dissapear! Then the rain really came down and I saw lightning hit the World Trade Center! SOon after I couldn't see Manhattan at all! It got super windy and I got SOAKED! It was so so cool...!


Martita and Tina invited me on a shake shack picnic at pier 6!

The pier 6 view!

Some artit promoted his album with sky writing! It took them tree tries until we were able to read it!

There might be a bird in this tree, maybe not. I have no idea.

More sky writing!

Martita took this picture of me!

Martita is going to look at some flowers after we watched a woman take a ton of photos of them.

Date: 5/16

A Chinese Lion and a cup of coffee, I'm in Chinatown!

An empty subway car just for me!

Blurry Eli on the train, I'm about to show off my camera.

It's not easy being green.

A spooky Eli picture!

Eli is at a bar handing them his resume. I am in a strange mosaic bathroom!

Hello there!

Instead of beng normal, us nerds got super excited about taking the ferry. Luckily we caught the last one! We rode of the top level which was a real treat, I love NYC public transport!

We're at the back of the train! That night we rode trains, a bus, and a ferry!