June Photos pt.1!

June from 1-15!


ainting on the way to work

A very cool piece of arcitecture

A fountain that was full of trash but its pretty from afar

Taking picturs of random snacks so i dont have to stand next to seb as he illegally buys beer bc i get anxious........

another one


cat at Bagels by the Park, love this sweet baby

Deciding to go to the beach and it meant we got to take the bus

ohhhhhh its getting more tree-y

Oh the water?!!!??!??!????? beach time!!!!

The jacob riis bath house!

There goes the bus

Really long bathroom

My towel ft. eli


Oh he's blinded now

Meeeeeeee.... im falling in love with this beach more and more its the best nyc beach!!

Bus home!

We went to wso and then walked back on the bridge


Soho anthro is offically open, Took this right after my shift so it was offically closed

Another view

after a hard day of work and especially of standing, I was rewarded with this!! one of the new subway c trains that's super open, you get to really see the train move!

Here's where and how they do the next stops while the train is moving

And here's what it looks like while it's coming into the station or is waiting there, it now says what car you're in and where stairs are and everything, that is so so cool!!!!

Thank you for supporting GAME BOY color during the MAN


funny poster

By the park there is this fountain

Another washington square park band, this time a waitor at a belgian restaurant who's boss brough his family to watch. There was a lady doing tarot readings next to him but I was too scared to approach, fooolish me


Cool sign for a pet supply store, I love how silly it is, I wonder if theyve ever helped out the owner of an alligator

Gun bong

Beautiful Byzantine style mosaic i saw in a dark office while walking to the park

Washington Square park! there was this great drummer and singer who had a whole set up and tons fo people were dancing!!


Another dark office, this time the weird TD bank image someone has behind their desk, I guess the bank has a mascot

My dark walk home is a showcase of weird fancy doors people have at their brownstones.

IMgae of my mom's project, the smoke bush. But it's over shadowed by this street lamp

um quilty?



Decided to try using citi bikes for the furst time, not as scary as I thought and very freeing. Onmy journey I saw this cat and friends. I watched a lady feed them, she said she can't feed the cat without feeding the birds bc they attack the food before the cat can.

They're waiting for food

My bag set up in the bike, I felt so cool tbh,,,


Lunch with my father bc I'm home on a Friday.

Then we went to the weird religous store where I always wanted to look in at it. I got two candles, one for burning enemies and one for st. James

De Stijl fence I saw. and tut cat!

More of the wierd art spot

Cool windows too!!

Then went to the weird sweedish candy store

The candy store view, then we went to the used bookstore

Owen and I are missing vital foodstuff

Bought some off brand kinder eggs

Spung Bob

There he is

Sorting out our purchases

Lucy at the Tikibar


The bird feeder

Sebastian and the tikibar now

Sebastian close up!

Finally opening the faux kinder egg

I cant believe we ate the faux egg next to the god of kinder eggs

Anamatronic pig I thought was worth documenting

Hot pockets!

Marshmellow troturing prisoners at a prison

Lucy and the hot pockets

More music videos


Weird christmas display on my awful trip to Macy's, don't shop there, shop at the Old Navy accross the street.



Watching Eli's Geometry Dash Video that has like millions of views

Eli is focused, ready to give his insights on the matter

seriously, look how he's turned but still looking at the TV ha!



Lucy and I weren't Geometry Dash kids so we were overwhelmed

mac and cheese socks

Hello! It's me!

This might be lucy but i'm not sure

I think Lucy is taking these photos now, This is a very zoomed in shot of seb


I don't remember seeing this image at all

I didn't enjoy these videos but we kept watching them......



lucy by lucy

another lucy by lucy