This is May part 1 (1-15)

Date: 5/15

Cat that lives two houses down from me, never seen them before! This house always has good books when they leave things out on the street.

They added new art to the 7th ave subway stop, by the 9th street exit. There's six of these turtle mosaics. I looked at them very closely while I waited for Peter to arrive. It's our six month anniversary!

We saw some turtles in the park after we visited the state champion willow oak! Wish I took a picture...

More turtles!!!

Okay even more turtles

The really big turtle that Peter poked with a stick (lightly!)

One of my Ancient Egypt prof's (and thus also mine) favorite pieces of Egyptian art. Woman Stacking Fruit!

it's ME!

and now i am sideways!

Date: 5/14

I was going to Bushwick for the first time, at least since I can remember.

I think indutrial stuff can look really cool. This is the M train station I got off at.

I stumbled upon this thrift store. This is the giant print that watched over the men's section all the way in the back of the store. It took up the first floor of a brownstone, pretty cool!

Date: 5/13

Eli's house!

I really like this ape print in Eli's house. Like a lot. It wasn't there last time...

There he goes....

We're going to get bagels and a haircut? The guy at the barber thinks I'm Eli's girlfriend.

Red Oyster from Flavor of Love. Queen!

As I got to the station one of the trash trains was there!

Lucy surprise! She doesn't know I'm about to make her start Bridgerton with me so I can HATE on it!!!


I'm walking to campus for some reason, I have no memory as to why...


I haven't left campus yet, I am on the ESF quad working on my Patroon paper with Peter and his friend.

Saw this moth while walking, rescued him right after!