Junior Year

These are my pictures from the end of my junior year when I got my camera. I didn't think much of it at the time but now these pictures feel old. It's weird that at the time I am writing this, most are less than a month old. That's what going home does to you I guess.

This is my old living room in my college apartment. My roommate and I watched a lot of TV. We also did crafts here, that's why there's stuffing on the floor.

Syracuse campus in the rain from the bus stop.

This is a painting I made during my fall semester. We call him the violinist. He has a whole backstory.

This is what the view was like when I left the apartment. This is what it would have look like if I ever wanted to not do my laundry last minute.

I made this shelf myself!


Peter and a sunset you can't even see, that's how good this camera is!

there's the sunset!

peter and peter. sideways.

Here is the very edge of south campus, walled off by University village. I walk down this road to go to the grocery store when my roommate's dad can't drive us. This time, I am walking the other way, to campus. It's so nice outside!

I could talk about my room forever, I miss it so much. Right now I am back home in Brooklyn, where I dont have a window or that fullsized mattress. The map is of the part of Spain that is over Portugal. I have the Way of Saint James marked, which I want to walk someday.

This is my favorite statue on campus, it's one of a series of Men in Agony.

Peter and the moon! It's so BRIGHT!

"Meow!" -cat by Peter's house

The classic Halal Shack lunch with Elle (my roommate)! This was my first time trying Celcius and it didn't do anything for me! Except give me sugar aftertaste for HOURS!! It even beat out raw onion in my Halal Shack!

A bin of my friend Lily's art. They look the picture!

Another Lily picture!

One of the many pretty homes near South Campus.

The most famous Syracuse University building! Maybe! The Hall of Languages!!!

Weird find.

The tulips grew right in time for the end of my Dutch and the World class!

Just a simple blue and green.

Elle at the Bus stop, shocked and appalled?

i hate this monkey.

Elle's dad got us EIGHT banana boxes for move out, we used them all and more. But for like three days, we had no idea what to do with them.

The coffee table, with the most religous item in the house, the Garlic powder!!!!

After my laptop broke, I had to go to the library often to do any of my final porjects. One day i sat down and noticed that someone had left this behind on the desk next to me.

This butterfly still took me forever to capture, despite the wound.

Two birds in a tree!